Bil Lep
Bil Lepp"…Lepp’s tales will tickle the funny bone…” “…the humor is sophisticated…” “…the laugh out-loud stories are lively…" - School Library Journal
 "The audience could barely stop laughing long enough to catch the next twist in the tale… "- Andrew Milman, Journal Sentinel, WI
Bil Lepp is an accomplished liar and proud of it. His twists on truth have left many a fan with laughter-related bellyaches and earned him recognition and awards everywhere from Comedy Central to The Smithsonian. As a professional storyteller and author, Lepp has dedicated his life to blending lessons and humor in tales that entertain audiences of all types and ages.
Bill Harley
Bill Harley
 “Harley’s audiences are families but it’s hard to tell who enjoys him more – parents or children.” – Los Angeles Times
A two-time Grammy award winner and NPR commentator, Bill Harley remembers what it’s like growing up and finds a laugh and a lesson in all of life’s challenging moments. He combines the whimsy of a storyteller with the wisdom of a keynote speaker while challenging us to be the best versions of ourselves.



Lone Star Storytellers
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The Lone Star Storytellers are the cornerstone of this festival.  Selected by a highly competitive audition process, these amazing nine to eighteen-year-olds go through months of coaching before wowing audiences.  Watch closely.  You might just get to watch a friend or neighbor perform!